EQM began its activity from the initiative of a group of professional workers with a large experience in marine, industrial and civil works oreas, coming from several industries of metal works.

Our Company burst into the naval sector, taking advantage of its location and its knowledge in naval manufacturing and repairs.

Likewise, due to its large experienm in naval equipment, EQM was specialized in the design, manufacturing and fitting on board for Mese, expanding its business line to other sectors such as industrial and civil.

With the passing of years, EQM has evolved to its actual status, having modem facilities, which are more than 10.000 m2, including high technology and precission machinery, and a very qualified staff, enough experienced to carry out any work according to the highest standards of quality.


Our facilities are more than 10.000 including roofed buildings and roofless areas, as follow:

  • Main workshop, 2.000 re clear (40 x 50 meters), divided in two zones, intended for steel storage, cutting, bending, fitting and welding, including Tour cranes on rails, 10 meters high, which work along the workshop.
  • Secondary workshop, 800 m2 clear, intended for other works, including one crane on rails, 8 meters high, which work along the workshop.
  • Building for offices irlo de rnain workshop, two plants, intended for staff and technical departments (Technical Office,Production Manager, Procurement, Quality Control, Health and Safety, invoicing, etc), wardrobe for workers and toilets
  • Room for storage of welding consumables where temperature and humidity requirements are controlled. O Roofless are, more than 2.000 m2 intended and ready for fabrication of large ship blocks and big structures.
  • Roofless are, more than 5.000 m2 intended for fabrication or storaging of heavy structures and big equipments


The production capacity of EQM is complemented by a highly qualified and experienced staff, and a Technical Office with high professional is equipped with all [he resources required for the performance of our projects and designs, fully computerized with equipments ready for the design and deyelopment of projects, such as Autocad, Lantek, Tricalc and other softwares intended for our sector, which allows us to implement the mostadyanced solutions to any work, including design, special fabrications, according to the most demanding requirements


Inner departments such as Technical Office, Quality Control and Environment, Procurement/Purchases and Health & Safety on Labour.

NI our staff is involved in continuous training and recycling programs, to be able to carry out die most demanding projects with the most results, and obtain the satisfaction of our clients. While, we don’t forget being respectful with the environment and protecting the heakh and safety of our employees every day

Trabajador - Equimasur


EQM produces according to demanding quality control requirement. We have established a management system integrated by intemational standards such 190 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which is improved day by day.

We also have certification under the intemational rule ISO 3834-2 “Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials — Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirements” and we have integrated in the management procederes the requirements of the roles EN-1090-2 y EN-1090-3 “Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures. Technical requirements for steel and aluminium structures”



Sebastian - Equimasur

Sebastian de la Cruz García


Calero - Equimasur

José Calero Duque

Technical Office

Castellet - Equimasur

Juan Castellet Gómez

Technical Office

Medina - Equimasur

J. Antonio Medina Toledo

Quality/Environment and Health & Safety

Glez Baro - Equimasur

M. Angel Glez. Baro

Production Manager

Patricia - Equimasur

Patricia Muñoz


Maria Rodriguez - Equimasur

María Rodríguez



EQM is locaMd in the Cadiz Bay (south of 5pain). Our location allovv us to be easily communicaMd by road, sea and air. We are near of importan economical, business and industrial creas such Cadiz Bay, Algeciras Bay, Jerez de la Frontera, Sevilla and Algecira.